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We are collecting Dennis Prager quotes for this page and invite you to email your favorite Prager quotes to add to this list.

This will be a fun, ongoing project! Thank you for YOUR contributions!!.

Our Favorite Pragerisms

...clarity over agreement
...happiness is a moral obligation
...unhappiness is a sin
The most famous are the least significant,
And the most significant are the least famous.
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It's tough to share the planet with the Left.
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"This is the funnest part of the website!
Here's one I picked up today that tickled my innards. Understatement?"




Dennis Prager
Dennis Prager
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We the People
...will NOT allow our Constitution to be trampled by out-of-control legislators. They think they can ignore us and destroy us, but TeaPartiers, 9-12ers and a multitude of other Grass Roots organizations are energized and refocused.

Dennis Prager maintains we are "in a battle for the American system" and must focus on the Republican candidates because "they are the only ones who can beat the leftists." (01/29/2010 first hour)

The Elections of 2009 and 2010 proved beyond a doubt that conservatives can refuse to allow themselves to be splintered into impotent third parties and can rally and take over the Republican party by focusing on our most critical core values ~ We must never lose sight of that goal in every campaign in every corner of every State in the Union!

We must ultimately unite our efforts into an unstoppable juggernaut to reclaim our liberties, reclaim our Constitution, reclaim our Country..We CAN unite in reestablishing a government that is truly of the People, by the People and for the People!