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Tracking the Jihadist Threat

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From Brigitte Gabriel founder of ACT! for America...
What We're Up Against

Islamic extremists have proclaimed jihad against Christians, Jews, non-Muslims and secularists - simply because they regard us as infidels.

The warriors of Islamofascism are not only "over there". Tens of thousands of Islamic militants now reside in America, operating in sleeper cells, attending our colleges and universities, even infiltrating our government. They are here - today. Many have been here for years. Waiting. Preparing.

They are being aided and abetted by the purveyors of political correctness - those in government, the media, academia and Hollywood who are apologists for Islamofascism, who outrageously blame America for the cruel and brutal actions of those who want to kill us and destroy our way of life.

Political correctness can be annoying, frustrating, even exasperating. In the battle against Islamofascism, political correctness will literally kill us.

India and the Muslim Hordes

Dear Friends & Family: My NYC friend Sharad sent this to me. Sharad is originally from India some 40 years ago. He is a very very patriotic American, a former professor teaching constitutional studies at NYC University. He takes India’s experience with Islam very very seriously, below is a warning for the US. Listed at end of this article are steps that can be taken to stop this assault on our society that India was so unsuccessful stopping. Gandi Style non violence and extreme Hindu tolerance allowed such Muslim jihad successes./ assaults on their society. Be forewarned! Evelyn

Will America succumb to the Muslim hordes the way glorious India did?

Satya's speech describes the devastation the Muslim invasion brought to vast India, at least 3 times larger than its present size, shrunk down since by the invaders. India was the most civilized nation ever, too civilized to understand the barbarity of the invaders. So they lost. See any parallels with our society? Will we find our "inner barbarian" in time enough to protect what we love? This essay is long, but well worth it, and do check out the scholarly references.

For Our Freedom,
Madeline Brooks

Chapter head of in Manhattan

Hindu Human Rights Watch Speech at Stop Islamization of America rally
held on 9/11/2011 at Ground Zero, NYC
Be Sure to Check Out the References at the end of this article (shorter version)

My name is Satya Dosapati from Hindu Human Rights Watch. I thank Stop Islamization of America, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer for giving opportunity to Hindu and Sikh representation at 2010 9/11 rally.

On September 11th , 2001 the entire nation pledged solidarity. Shedding tears with those who had lost their sons, their fathers, their daughters, their mothers, their husbands, wives, brothers and sister we vowed that we will never forget their grave loss. Just 9 years later we have forgotten the promises we made to these families. So much so that we are entertaining the thought of desecrating the final resting place of the loved ones of these families by building a mosque by the name of Cordoba House. We all know that Cordova house symbolizes butchery of Christians in Spain and destruction of a Church only to be replaced by the 3rd largest Mosque in the world. What is happening to us as a people today that we are even debating this? As one wise philosopher once said, those who forget their history are condemned to relive it. Are we so carried away with liberalism and with the luxuries of our life that we do not have a moment to study the history and the serious threat we face today? We need to wake up and understand the threat of Islam to our country, our civilization and everything we have build our society upon. Let us not condemn our own children to relive the barbaric history.

Let me tell you what happened to Hindus in India. It would be a grim reminder to all of us to what can happen if we are not vigilant. When Columbus set sail to distant land, the land he was looking for is India. India, like today's America was very open and tolerant society, scientifically and materially advanced and held 25% of world's GDP just until few centuries ago. India at that time included today's Pakistan, Bangla Desh and Afghanisthan. But what happened to the great society as they gave into pacifism and liberalism. Hindu Kings were unprepared for the brutal violence of Islamic invaders from 1100s. Hindu Kings were never prepared to the deception, hate and brutality in war and the senseless murder of innocent citizens and the rape of women that caused holocaust of 80 million Hindus. They destroyed hundreds of thousands of magnificent temples and build symbols of conquest. They made sure the worshipped statues of the Hindu temples are placed under the steps of Mosques as ultimate insult to infidels and their religion. Taj Mahal, you know today is a Hindu Palace temple. According to Arabs' own accounts they talked with pride that they killed the Hindu infidels to such extent that they filled their rivers with blood by following the word of Allah. They even have a mountain named, Hindu u Khush meaning Hindu du Slaughter near Afghanisthan for the slaughter of 100,000 Hindus on just one day where they slit their throats and left to die in 1300s. Their brutality weakened the once great country to such extent that they ruled India for 800 years. The colossal conversion of Hindus across Asia is apparent from the fact that the ancestors of 2 out 3 Mulsims in the world are Hindus! Well known American historian Will Durant has this to say in his History of Civilization, "The Islamic conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. It is a discouraging tale, for its evident moral is that civilization is a precious good, whose delicate complex order and freedom can at any moment be overthrown by barbarians invading from without and multiplying from within."

More recently, in 1921 Moplah (Arab Indian descendants) riots in southern state of Kerala in India, after Friday prayers, hundreds of thousands of Hindus were butchered and burnt alive, pregnant women were raped and cut to pieces with unborn babies found to be protruding from the mangled corpses. Overnight 100,000 Hindus were driven from home with nothing but clothes on. During India's partition in 1947 when Pakistan and Bangla Desh was born, Mahatma Gandhi pacifism and liberalism resulted in slaughter of millions of Hindus and Sikhs. In just 60 years, Muslim majority country Pakistan literally wiped out 25% of Hindu/Sikh population by kidnapping their girls for conversion, raping their women, by untold brutalities and murders and forcing conversions or evicting them. Actually, most of that was done in matter of few months. What about Muslim majority country Bangla Desh? Its genocide of Hindus caused their population decrease from 30% to less than 10% today and the Islamic Government instituted laws that they have right to take away infidel land any time.

What is happening in Hindu majority India. Muslims percentage increased from 7% to 20% and India has the second largest Muslim population of the world, 200 million of them. In just last few years, the number of terror deaths and terror incidents in India is next to Iraq. What happened in 9/11 was repeated on 11/26 in Mumbai. In India there was only one state where Muslims are majority, that is Kashmir. Overnight 18 years ago, they drove away 350,000 Hindus under threat of violence and rape of women overnight. Those Hindus are still living as refugees in their own country in squalid camps. Just few weeks ago, in the coastal southern state of Kerala in India where Muslims are in larger number they cut off the hand of Christian professor because he said something against the prophet . In the same state, thousands of Hindu and Christian girls are being lured using love Jihad (with active encouragement of Mosques to young Muslims by stipends, car and other resources) for conversion of infidel girls or to force to use them as human bombs around the world. Now hear this, just in the last 48 hours, as part of Ramadan celebrations, Muslims in north eastern state of India in the state of West Bengal, where Muslims are in larger number, they have announced that they will rape every hindu woman and girl and rampaged Hindu shops and homes. Indian Government has to call in Army to control the situation. Today India is being bled a thousands times and in thousand places by constant terror with only 20% of Muslim population supported by neighboring Islamic countries. Their increasing population through polygamy, uncontrolled procreation (one patriarch produced 23 babies) and border infiltration combined with their voting as a single block assure politicians look other way to their atrocities. The once great country India which Columbus sailed out for, today is a third world country that lost its confidence and strength.

This is the story we want to tell you millions of times so that America as well as Europe never face the same situation by its preoccupation to liberalism. We do not want 100 years down the road somewhere in the world someone talk about what happened to this great country called United States of America. What is happening in north eastern state of India today can very well happen in Michigan as percentage of Muslims increase. What happened in Kashmir and various parts of India as Muslims increased in numbers will happen in many parts of this country. We are seeing this in the towns of Europe already where infidel women dread with fear of being raped to go into Muslim conclaves and even Police are hesitant to get in. The demographic terrorism happening in India is now seen in Europe where the increasing population growth is taxing their welfare systems to the limit and if current trends continue, Europe will become Eurabia in just few decades.
Muslim demographics, the fast changing face of Europe, Canada and the USA

Consider this. Few hundred years ago until Islam invaded, Pakistan and Afghanisthan it was filled with Buddhists as well as Hindus, who would rather die than kill even a small animal. Today their descendants are performing barbaric acts under the name of Taliban and Al-Queda that perpetrated the brutal acts of 9/11 against our country and killed thousands of innocent citizens. Just since 9/11 they killed more than 80,000 people and injured more than 120,000 across 20 different countries. The once peaceful lands are all terrorist countries and become terror factories.

However, I do not blame Muslims. It is the ideology of hate that will do to a human being, a hate that is indoctrinated from childhood. Just look at Saudi Arabia where Koran is the constitution. They teach their little children from Koran that Christians and Jews are pigs, Hindus are worse than animals, infidels are equivalent to Urine, feces, dead body. They produced 15 of the 17 well educated terrorists who committed 9/11. You cannot put a church, Synagogue or temple but they are spending billions of dollars building Mosques in our country and teaching intolerance and hate to thousands of Muslim children in our country. According to US own estimates, Saudi Arabia spend nearly 80 to 100 billion dollars in last three decades around the world spreading intolerance. The situation is so bad that todays Jihadis are not from Pakistan, but from the Saudi funded Mosques in our own country.

Unfortunately, this country is filled with many gullible people who have no idea of what they are talking about and are lulled into complacency and there is an urgent need for all of us to educate ourselves and be prepared. What is happening in America today is Stealth Jihad because America is still strong to be defeated by open war or Overt Jihad. They are doing this by conversion of criminals in our jail system to turn against infidels following the example of their prophet in the 700s when he recruited criminals to destroy Jewish tribes, investing in media and universities to fool and lull us about Islam, investing in finance for future financing of jihad and lobbying with politicians to subvert our constitution, brainwashing Muslims and Muslim children in Saudi funded Wahabbi Mosques. They have proceeding with a plan, a grand plan, by subverting our educational, our political, our financial institutions and creating an home grown army to bring this country to knees and submit to Islam. Now reflect, where should Imam Rauf spread tolerance, is it in America or the Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries?

What is the solution?
of all remember, the more you give into threat, the more you lose freedom. I have freedom to burn Gita, I have freedom to burn Bible, I have freedom to burn Talmud but I have no freedom to burn Koran. They can burn and stamp our flag every time, but we are not allowed to speak against their prophet or burn their Koran. If everyone stands up for their rights, they cannot target a few. Danish cartoons and its aftermath created so much fear that American media froze into fear and the Comedy central lacked courage to do a piece on prophet. Imam Rauf says he has right to build Mosque but denies the right of Mr. Terry Jones to burn Koran. This is not tolerance, this is giving up our freedom and giving in to the Jihadis.

Secondly, in order to win this war, you have to confront the ideology of hate. According to center for study of Political islam, 60% of Koran is political, fully 19% of Koran is of violent Jihad. 75% Sira, the life of Prophet is about violent Jihad, not inner Jihad. We got to understand Islam is both religion and political with supremacist ideology containing strict rules for everything in life under the oppressive Sharia, extreme intolerance and violence against infidels, apostates and gays, open call to rape the infidel women , slavery, use of deception (well known Taqiyya) to defeat infidels and ill treatment of women and girls. Islam divides the world into two, land that is conquered to Islam and the land of infidels that is yet to be conquered with the sanction of brutality and deception. We have to recognize the hate in Islam is fascism that is no different from Naziism. It is worse than Naziism, for the brutalities it committed on humanity (estimated at 220 million killed across the world) since its birth in 700 AD. The story of Prophet, the violence, deception and the treatment of women including little girls are a must for humanity to read and understand what they are dealing with. As one scholar who studied Islamic scriptures closely pointed out, the salvation of humanity from the clutches of Islam comes not just by protecting infidels from Islam but most importantly by freeing Muslims from Islam.

Our biggest enemy today are not Jihadis but the Jihadi enablers, the far left liberals and Saudi funded university academicians. I have a suggestion, do not burn Koran, boycott New York times and put them out of business by discouraging their advertisers. The energies you spend in closing down Mosques, should be directed to closing down CNN and its far left liberals such as Fareed Zakaria and Christine Amanpour who are lying or sugar coating to American public the grave threat Islam poses to our country.

Thirdly, work with you school boards so that the school curriculum reflects the true history of Islam and the threat it poses to free society like ours. Demand that the universities do not accept funds from Saudi Arabia unless it shows equal tolerance to other religions. Schools are also grounds where Muslim kids are encouraged to convert kids of the infidel religion to Islam. This needs to be recognized and taken action upon.

Fourthly, never trust any politician who says Islam is religion of peace. Islam is submission. It is religion of submission. When Mr. Obama is saying Islam is religion of peace, he is lying, just as he lied about his deep Muslim roots to American electorate. This is not against other things Obama is doing with good faith but any politician need to be made accountable for making such irresponsible and false statements.

Fifth, ask you congressmen and senators to institute laws to protect this country from Sharia and Sharia practices. Make sure Muslim women are protected under US constitution and not Sharia laws and Muslim girls need to protected from barbaric practice of genital mutilation. We need to demand laws against Islamic conversions in jails and Saudi funding of our institutions.

Sixth, every time a Muslim wants special privileges, understand it is a conquest against you, your ways and your civilization. Like the story of Arab and Camel, the Camel eventually drives out the Arab, mark these words, we will be eventually wiped out if we give in.

Seventh, understand what a Mosque is and take precautionary measures. A Mosque is not just center for worship but also used throughout history as a fortress for war against infidels (non believers) where arms are cached & fiery sermons are delivered to men sitting in rows like in an army. Almost all Islamist atrocities are performed after friday prayers with a fiery sermon. It is used as a symbol of conquest, as sign of supremacy built over the destroyed worship places of infidels. They are built in strategic locations in infidel lands to be used as future military posts for bringing down infidel lands. Laws are required to carefully monitor where and how Mosques are constructed, who is funding the Mosque, and monitor the activities within the Mosque. Most important is also to monitor Madrassa education to kids where Muslims kids are brainwashed with intolerance in Saudi funded Mosques.

Eighth, those who are immigrating to United States should be held accountable if they are spreading Sharia through back door into our country and they should commit to not to profess Sharia in order to obtain and retain citizenship. We have to review our immigration policies with regards to Islamic countries just as Europe is doing, although it is quite late. Our immigration policies should be driven with a clear understanding that Islam and Free world are incompatible and are directly opposing and Islam demands allegiance to Ummah (Arab nation), not the country a Muslim lives in.

Ninth, we need to be very careful with interfaith dialogues. Taqqiyah, use of deception for conquering infidels is very highly developed concept in Islam. It is important not to be naive about this. We have to be careful that even a seemingly innocuous school visit to Mosques in the name of understanding of other religions could very well be a masqueraded effort to convert infidel children.

But one thing is more important than what all I said. For heaven sake, let us stop our dependence on (Arab) Oil. Who is paying for Jihad, for killing our soldiers, for destroying our civilization and building the grand Mosque as symbol of conquest, which stealth Jihadi Imam Rauf is planning. I am sorry to say, it is we who are paying by our dependence on Oil. If today we stop buying Oil, Saudi Arabia will go to camels. They have nothing to speak of technology and advancement just as every Islamic country. (We need to drill our OWN oil, develop our coal and gas resources along with working on alternative energies.) Let us not finance our own destruction.

Let us be awake, alert and constantly vigilant to threat of Islam. This is a great democracy, the greatest country on the earth. Let us preserve it for generations after us. It is our duty, our responsibility. God bless America.


1) Islam's Indian and slave trade in Islam's genocidal slavery

Part 1:

2) Hindu American Foundation report endorsed by several congressmen and senators that speak about atrocities against Hindus in Pakistan and Bangla Desh,

3) Moplah Massacre in state of Kerala in India in 1921 (see petition to viceroy of India that has the gory accounts)

4) Muslim demographics, the fast changing face of Europe, Canada and the USA

5) What Koran and Hadith (2 of the three Islamic scriptures) say

6) Source of Islamic Jihad in India

7) Islamic atrocities across the world since 9/11 (with close details of where, when and how many killed/injured)

8) Prophet of Doom, detailed account of what is in the Islamic scriptures


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