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Sunday, March 21, 2010
The GOP 3 Year Pledge
Posted by: Duane R. Patterson at 10:45 PM

Like you, I watched with disgust and dismay as the Democrats in the House of Representatives joined hands, jumped off the cliff, and saddled the next several generations of Americans with trillions of dollars of new debt, and ensured that unless defeated in court, or defunded by future Congresses, the American health care system, the greatest such system in the world, will never again be as great as it is today.

Like you, I am shaking with anger that the Democratic Party did not listen to their constituents. In fact, Democratic leadership was defiant enough this morning, they stuck their collective thumb in the eye of the protesters gathered at the Capitol, walking the gauntlet from the Cannon office building to the House of Representatives as though the Obamacare vote is some modern day civil rights march. Make no mistake about it. For the last 15 months, the health care debate has never been about rights, it has never been about coverage, and it has never been about reducing cost. Obamacare is solely about the government’s acquisition of power, and to exercise control over a facet of life in which every American will have to participate sooner or later.

So where do we go from here? First, I want to recognize and thank the Democrats who did not vote for this monstrosity. But in my book, they are still part of the problem. From this day forward, I will not be convinced that there is such a thing as a moderate Democrat. Regardless of how they may have voted today, all of these Democrats voted in their own caucus to elect Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. They voted to make Steny Hoyer the Majority Leader. They chose to put Louise “Deem-‘N-Pass” Slaughter in as chair of the House Rules Committee. They stood by Charles Rangel as chair of Ways And Means until ethical lapses became so glaring, Rangel had to step down. In short, the reason the vote took place today is because the so-called moderate Democrats put the leadership in place to make it so.

There was a lot of damage done to the Republic today, but that damage can be minimized or undone if the activism of the American people continues. Therefore,

I pledge that for the next three years, ending on March 20, 2013, I will spend at least part of my day, six days a week, working to replace Democrats at all levels of state and federal government with Republicans.

I will support the Republican nominee, regardless of my preference in the primary, in all of the House, Senate, and statewide campaigns in 2010. I will also work to elect the Republican presidential nominee, regardless of my primary preference, in 2012. I will not make the mistake again of allowing my apathy lead to a second term of Barack Obama.

I will not be deterred if the Republican Party isn’t unanimous on every issue in the next three years. I understand there will be disappointments in the months and years ahead, probably several of them. But those disappointments pale in comparison to the arrogance and recklessness shown by the Democratic Party.

I will contact my county Republican headquarters, and ask how I can best help this fall. I will stay in touch with them right through the 2012 presidential campaign. I will walk precincts, make phone calls, e-mail, use social media, whatever it takes to remove the Democrats from the halls of power.

I will resist the temptation of the third party movement, and instead encourage the Tea Party activists and independents to give the Republicans one more chance at leadership.

I will work to bring a Republican governor and Republican legislatures in my state. Redistricting will begin next year after the results of the Census, and Republicans drawing the new Congressional lines will make regaining power easier.

I will especially take an active interest in state attorney general races, like John Eastman in California,, as it will be up to the state AG’s to engage in the legal battle on which Obamacare will next have to be fought.

I will make an effort to win back the 18-25 year olds who are now feeling buyer’s remorse at having voted for hope and change in 2008. They are disillusioned with what they’ve seen, they’re now open to reason, and I will more actively engage with this generation to convince them that their home should be in the Republican Party.

My pledge to the Republican party is a three year pledge with a firm expiration date. If enough Americans take the pledge, on March 20, 2013, we will find ourselves with a Republican-controlled House and Senate, a Republican in the White House, and more Republicans controlling the state houses. By that time, we will be able to judge whether the Republicans have learned from the Democrats’ mistakes, or merely repeated them.

If the Republicans employ the principles they espouse now in the minority – limited government, reduced government spending, easing the tax and regulatory burden that is stifling business and job growth, and a robust foreign policy based on strength, not weakness, the country will be better off with them in leadership. But may God have mercy on their souls if they take the trust the American people have invested in them for the next three years and become just as corrupt, power hungry and deaf to the will of the American people as the Democrats.

I urge you to join me in this pledge.



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